Craft Guilt and Other Stories

First off, I did a trial day at the new office. Wuuuut? The big photo above is a shot of me doing a half-bus, half-bike trail commute to work. I still have my Covid-legs so I’m still recovering from said commute, but man! It was such a pretty day!

In other news… ICYMI I had a sculpture in the woods taken, returned, reworked, then reinstalled. THEN some fucker(s) fucked with my NEW sculpture. TWICE! While this sucked, it forced me to leave my house and to be one with nature for several hours to make the repairs. Below is the before and after. In the before pic, you can see the torn ghostly draping around the bottom and some green ink schmushed here and there. I glued and screwed the pieces back on and repainted in a few spots. Thank goodness the vandals didn’t clean up their vandalism as I was able to collect most of the torn pieces from the ground around the sculpture. Fun fact, even a minor act of vandalism is a felony in Ohio!

So let’s talk about craft guilt. I sometimes get asked by my friends and family, “What are you making these days?” And besides repairing sculptures that have been already made, I just don’t have an un-lame answer. I started WEEKS ago on what I thought were going to be these cute humanimals made out of recycled materials, but now they are all just sitting unfinished on my little craft desk down in my office. I got around to putting eyes on one of them so now that one just stares at me while I work and wonders why I would get so far in this process just to abandon the project, leaving him/her incomplete. So much pressure!

So here’s where I’m at. I realized that my craft barrier is a location issue. These days I’m most happy when I’m doing things while in bed. I bought a little bed desk and made a box of low-key, no-mess, bed-friendly craft supplies, and that’s just how it’s going to be for a while. Bed crafting. And that’s o.k.!

Do you have a project barrier that you were able to conquer!? Let’s hear about it!

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