A Catch Up (Ketchup?) Post in Photos

How’re we all doing? Not a whole lot of change over here. OH, EXCEPT THAT I GOT A SMOL PROMOTION! Ya girl went from being an Account Coordinator (like a customer service rep.) to being a SENIOR Account Coordinator (like a pretty dang good customer service rep.). I love my company, and I love what I do, so I’m pretty thrilled. Still working from home. Still rearranging my little office/studio every couple of weeks. Still drinking too much and not getting outside enough. (shrug emoji) GAWD, and NOT making enough art! Ugh, the guilt! Why do artist-types have guilt for not making art stuff all the time? You know what I’m great at though? STARTING art projects! If having ideas for art projects and/or starting art projects was a job, I’d be so rich! O.k., so what I’m working on now is creating things that are over 90% recycled. A long time ago my old boss from Open Door (btw, my old boss makes jewelry now!) showed me a great way to make paper clay using soaked paper, an immersion mixer, and some glue. Using this method and some junk from the recycle bin, I started making some guys! Look at the photos to see the steps. The gross creamy photo is homemade flour/water glue, and it helps to make a super strong clay when it dries!

Message me if you want more info. The clay is easy to work with and sticks to a substrate really well. I really need to finish the guys that I started and make more clay to do the other guys. It’ll happen.

Other life in photos… The wild poppies next to my house finally bloomed (the featured image above). I got the J and J vax through the place that I’m a guinea pig/study participant. Pretty grateful about that! I volunteered with some amazing coworkers at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective Farm. SO FUN! I lost $20 but had a super great time watching some horse racing. I walked a 5K by taking the bike trail to our new work campus. I bought another Raggedy Ann and Andy pair to add to the family. I spied a little fairy garden in my neighborhood (that will have surprise additions from time to time, shhhh). AND I’M BUYING A SCOOTER WHEN I GET MY BONUS NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned for some sick tricks.

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