How It Started. How It’s Growing.

Growing things has taught me a bit about monitoring my expectations. Plants, like people, like EVERYTHING, will delight you as well as disappoint you. And with plants, people, and with everything, you can’t give up if things don’t turn out the way you anticipated.

Check me out! Here I am nomming on some microgreens! I have a nice batch of pea and sunflower microgreens now, but the first go at it was complete dog shit. I couldn’t decide if I should go soil or hydroponic so I sort of did both and got some seriously moldy/rancid, sewage-smelling slog. Take 2! I started again, patiently waited for the sprouts, transferred them to my little, lighted greenhouse tower, and boom! Two weeks later, a harvest! With growing things, you do what you think is the best, then you let go to see what happens. Sometimes you get slog, and sometimes you get…

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