Let’s Get Physical

I work at a ridiculously cool company, and after announcing that we would continue to work from home for quite a bit longer, they allowed everyone a work-from-home office stipend. Since we had access to a gym at the office, I thought I’d slide in a tiny bit o’ fitness equipment. This is where this came in. Isn’t that a kid’s toy? She looks at you side-eyed and asks, “What’s a kid?” But seriously, after several hours getting it all blowed up and filled with water in the bottom (which I later found out should have been done first), I had myself the best work-from-home office stipend purchase everrr! It’s about as tall as me, and the “PUNCH ME!” part is actually at the perfect punching height for heads. I watched some Olympic boxing medallist Tony Jeffries videos then watched Fight Club. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this figured out. You be the judge…

Bonus feature of the video is what my kids lovingly call “The Dorsey Dumptruck”. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. The Dorsey Dumptruck must be an inherited move. Seems similar to the one I used when I clocked this girl in high school and broke her nose

  2. Great form!
    We used to have a punching bag, many years ago— so therapeutic! I need to get a new one— as always, you inspire.❤️

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