Make Your Own Can Man!

Can Man Burlap Hipsters and/or fancy people like to throw around the word “upcycled” when they make stuff out of trash. I don’t know so much about that, but I DO know that I have a lot of beer cans laying around and some art and craft supplies. And folk-y art inspiration! The people at Patience Brewster love to find ways to find a new purpose for a discarded or unused holiday decorations. Oddly (or not oddly) I saved the tinsel from our tree this year. You never know when you might need a wad of tinsel? And I’m pretty sure anything alcohol-related can count as a discarded holiday item, am I right? While you’re on their website, check out the ornaments! Holy CRAP! So you can see why I’m so jazzed at being thought of by these guys. So let’s get this project started!

Project: Metal-y Hair for a Metal-y Man Materials:


  • One clean and dry can (PBR?)
  • Apoxie Sculpt
  • Four curly-cue swizzle sticks
  • An awl or a big nail to make holes
  • Card stock
  • Tinsel
  • Paint and paint supplies
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black colored pencil
  • Matte Mod Podge

Let’s do this!

  1. Snap off the tab. Bend your can in such a way that the “face” is facing the front of your man.Can
  2. Cut a piece of card stock to cover the “face”, cutting a “mouth” hole where the can opening is. If you think that you might make a batch of can men you might want to make a nice pattern to re-use over and over. Use more card stock to make things like a nose and ears or whatever extra items you think your can man needs. I cut little teeth in the opening. You can do that too if you wish. Glue the card stock face to the can face and glue on the extra parts. Allow that shit to dry thoroughly.
  3. With the awl or nail, poke two holes in the bottom of the can and two holes where arms should go. Well, where arms should go if you were a can man.Step Two
  4. Mix a small amount (like the size of a grape) of Apoxie Sculpt according to the directions (which is just a 1:1 ratio). Jam a bit of clay into each of the holes so that there’s some in and some out. Stick your swizzle sticks in a little bit. Use more clay to build up a little mound around each limb to hold each securely.Step Three
  5. Once the clay cures (this will vary depending on things like temperature and magic) you can paint your can. I would suggest painting the WHOLE can including the face and limbs. Maybe add two coats. Do you have to use white? Of course not.
  6. Once everything’s dry, you can draw on little details with your black colored pencil. Or just add googly eyes. This part is truly up to you.
  7. After I had all of the details worked out, I scraped off a little paint from the can to give it a rustic look then stained it with a bit of watered-down black paint to give it an even rustic-er look. Then I did a little more pencil tweaking.
  8. Almost there! Gather a bunch of strands of tinsel and tie the bunch at the center. Glue the tinsel bunch to the can man’s head. Trim as desired.
  9. Brush on a coat of Mod Podge to seal in all of the details and to make the surface water/schmootz-proof. Drop the mic muthaeffas!

And just because I have A LOT of cans laying around (don’t judge), I’m planning on making an army of can men. I’m putting these guys in my Etsy store. $25. That’s almost free.Can Man Case


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